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Let's Be Happy (Behind the Scenes)

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

How do you shoot a music video in the middle of a pandemic?

Sometimes the right mix of pressure and excitement can yield great results. That's how the video for "Let's be happy" was conceived.

CFOX was running its Summer Song Contest for a chance to win $20k and the deadline was the week after the band first learned about it!

We wanted to submit a high-quality video, but we also wanted to have the minimum number of people on set because, of the risk of transmission with COVID-19. That meant only the 4 of us (and 5 for beach scenes) could be involved.

We had to be our own directors, operators, lighting designers, assistants and makeup artists. Alana to the rescue! Thanks to her extensive background in multimedia design and film, we were able to shoot and edit this video ourselves.

Regardless of the result of the contest, this video is the first significant collaboration and release with Alana, David, Matt and Brian.

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