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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Brian Kavanagh - Drummer, Wax Theatrics

It all started in 2013 with a Craigslist post: "SERIOUS DRUMMER LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS BAND" The first sentence of the body said, “If you suck, do not reply.” That caught Matt's attention. He contacted me shortly after. We quickly arranged a jam and headed to a huge, well-equipped rehearsal space. Little did either of us know, this would be the beginning of an ongoing 7-year musical journey. By the end of the first five minutes, you would be surprised to learn that this was our first jam. It was pure magic. The musical chemistry was glaringly obvious. Notably, one of the first things we ever played was the roots of what would become "Literature of Love" (originally called "Tried to Stop The Rain"), a song Matt began writing at the age of 15. By the end of that day, it was all high fives and smiles. This jam session was the foundation that led us to where we are today! More interesting origin stories to come... #musician #vancitymusicscene #musicbc #waxtheatrics #YVRmusic #vancouvermusic #canadianunderdogs #bclocal #vancouvertunes #songwriter #spotify #canadian #origin #originstory

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